Liner Crew

Liner Crew

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We get it. Sometimes you need a little 'stealth' living your VoxxLife. That's why we made the HPT-embedded Stasis liner socks. These breathable, super thin socks can be worn by themselves or under any other sock so you can always have the Voxx HPT benefits!

The HPT-embedded Liner Crew reaches to half-calf - an easy choice if you need a convertible sock for dress or casual - or under a sports uniform sock.


Size Chart

• Available in Black and your choice of 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL).

• Nylon, Polyester, & Spandex
• Wash inside out
• Do not tumble dry
• Machine wash warm
• Do not iron
• Do not bleach
• Do not dry clean

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our HPT-embedded Socks and Insoles. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded. To facilitate a return, please email with your order number and a VoxxLife team member will assist you..

Build from the ground up

A good golf swing starts from the ground up. Voxx Golf Socks give you the balance and stability - and don't forget COMFORT - you need to play your best.

Comfort Is Key

Micro-cushioning at the toe, a flat-toe seam, and venting throughout to make this the most comfortable, breathable sock yet.

Heal the Heel

Micro-cushioning at the heel, with a Y-gore flex for extra comfort and support to keep your sock in place.

Arches, Ready!

Compression at the arches to keep your foot locked in place and secure.


When the Human Performance Technology pattern is in contact with your skin, a sensation is triggered, sending information to your brain.

The result: improved balance, stability, and power, while reducing foot pain.