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Whether you’re looking to be more active or move with athletic power and precision, VoxxLife’s line of products can help you naturally reach and surpass your goals.

Vibrotactile Technology


VoxxLife combines the best of technology and wellness science to help you achieve your wellness goals, drug-free and without invasive treatments.

Trigger A Response

When your skin comes in contact with the pattern, a sensation is triggered, sending information to your brain.

Whole Body Chain Reaction

The brain and nervous system processes that stimulation and a waterfall of wellness responses happen, from more energy to enhanced balance and quality of life.

Feel The Difference

The effect is immediate, so you focus less on overcoming wellness and quality of life challenges, and more on living a happier, healthier life.

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100% Drug-free

Backed by Science

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The proof is in the pattern

Time and time again, VoxxLife products have been studied and put to the test, and each time the results are incredible.

More speed and power

Peak Force

+17% with VoxxLife
Get more explosive starts and stronger finishes

Average Power

+22% with VoxxLife
Strength improvement & injury resilience

Concentric Force

+17% with VoxxLife
Move with a smooth and efficient step

Improved Balance
& Stability

+31% with VoxxLife
Strength improvement & injury resilience

Eccentric Force

+17% with VoxxLife
Manage aches & pains better

Improved Recovery

+94% with VoxxLife

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Over 6 million people have used VoxxLife products, with some people seeing incredible results!


These Knee socks have to be my favorite for winter time everyday wear.. They are so comfortable with a good feel of compression to keep me moving all day without feeling fatigue or sore muscles... They also keep me well balanced, stable on my feet...any outdoor winter sports like snowshoeing, walking, hiking, they are a must to have on...Highly recommend them.

Joanne Gillis

These were the first socks I purchased in January 2018 and when I put them on they felt like little blankets were wrapping my feet in warmth. I had never liked wearing socks to bed, "ever" but because I was suffering with Plantar Fasciitis and had been for many years I thought I would give it a try. At first I would remove them in the middle of the night but after a few weeks I would be waking up with them still on, I'm glad I did because even though it took 2 months I got up one morning and I was pain free, no more pain pills or cortisone injections.I have always been active in sports and love walking, thanks to this Neuro Technology I can continue to do what I love, stay active.

Paula Foster

I believe that everyone should try a pair of these if you love cozy comfortable feet. If you use them for work, outdoor winter sports or just love some warmer socks that give some arch support than you will absolutely need a pair of these!!

Sandra Dolan

These are the MOST comfortable socks I have ever worn - and even I'm a little surprised! I am encouraged observing positive impact on my mental health even, perhaps especially, in the midst of some difficult days. Plus, I love that the socks on my feet help reduce plastic waste and mean a tree has been planted. In my opinion - Win. Win. Win.

Tracy Lalonde

No sweaty feet and great fit. Whether your an athlete or just wearing for everyday use these mini crew socks are great. I tend to wear these in the cooler months as they are great for covering the ankles and fit great with a pair of boots. No skin touching the boot! This is something I think is a bonus.

Vicki Smith

We purchased the e sleeves for our 3 kids and myself who suffers from anxiety and some ADHD. We noticed math was done earlier for our daughter, our son was more focused!!! So thankful for this tool for our wellness journey.

Pat Wilson
Los Angeles, CA

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